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Covington Travel Posted by: Covington Travel 2 months ago

We love being able to share our travel stories with you! Covington’s co-founder, Jerry Klingenberger, and his wife Mary took a recent trip to Italy and are sharing the story of their travels with us.

Keep reading to join us as we embark on a journey through Italy’s most iconic cities. From wandering through ancient ruins and marveling at Renaissance masterpieces to savoring delectable cuisine and cruising along picturesque waterways, join us as Jerry and Mary recount the highlights and hidden gems of this unforgettable adventure through Rome, Venice, and Florence.

Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, our expert travel advisors are available to help you plan your next incredible trip, both at home or abroad.

Jerry & Mary’s Italian Adventure

From the bustling streets of Rome to the enchanting canals of Venice and the artistic riches of Florence, Jerry and Mary provide their unique perspectives and invaluable tips for fellow adventurers seeking to embark on their own Italian adventure.

Why did you choose to visit Italy?

We wanted to see and experience some of the most historic cities, sites, and art in all of Western civilization and to be better informed to advise our clients who are considering booking a trip to Rome, Venice, and Florence.

Which of the three cities was your favorite to visit?

It’s hard to choose, as each city has its own unique attractions and experiences, but if pressed, we’d have to say it was Florence. The city is the historic heart of the Renaissance, is charming, and very walkable with singular art, architecture, and incomparable food.

Can you share a memorable experience you had during your trip?

An Italian local advised dining at restaurants that are “Trattoria” or “Osteria” for good food that is enjoyed by locals and is not too “glitzy”. We typically seek these types of restaurants out when we travel and were thrilled to find several very good ones on this trip.

Did you visit any historical sites or landmarks?

Almost too many to name! That was a large focus of our visit, as we are passionate about history, art, and culture. The Colosseum in Rome was built in 72 AD and has a picturesque setting amidst the Seven Hills of Rome near the Forum. Then, east of the River Tiber, sits the Vatican (which is surprisingly immense!).

The Vatican also houses more priceless art than you can imagine and embodies the rich history of Roman Catholicism of which there are 1.3 billion followers of that religion worldwide today.

Venice was truly unlike any other place we’ve seen, comprised of 126 islands and connected with 472 bridges, and containing the often-photographed square with Saint Mark’s Basilica.

What were some of the most memorable culinary experiences you enjoyed?

There is great emphasis on high quality and natural food in Italy, which we sampled and enjoyed at many places. Excellent olive oil served with virtually everything!

The seemingly ubiquitous gelato is a reasonably priced real treat and worth seeking out. Our biggest tip is to look for longer lines for the best gelato, it’s worth the wait!

We toured a local market in Florence and prepared a multi-course meal with an excellent chef, which included making pasta from scratch. Italy places such a high importance on quality ingredients, which always results in delicious culinary experiences no matter where we enjoy a meal.

What is the best way to travel within Italy?

We recommend investing in good walking shoes, as many city areas are walkable and easy to traverse. If necessary, Uber is easy to find and use in all the major cities.

Did you attend any cultural events, concerts, or festivals?

In Venice, the home of Vivaldi, we saw a performance of several pieces including the Four Seasons. The musicians were in period costume and it was staged in a restored ancient performance hall for a fully immersive cultural experience.

Did you explore any off-the-beaten-path destinations or hidden gems that you would recommend?

Yes, restaurants frequented by locals in all cities, and the oldest quarter in the Cannaregio District of Venice which was established in 1516. Many Venetian locals live in that area and it’s always an intriguing and unique experience to see how others live at home around the world.

Ready To Plan Your Italian Vacation?

We hope reading about Jerry and Mary’s recent trip to Italy inspired you to try an Italian adventure yourself! If you’re ready to plan your next travel experience, click below to speak with one of our travel advisors.

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