Thank You

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

At Covington Travel, we're grateful for our travelling friends who have helped us grow through nearly 40 years! Your response over the past decades has been most gratifying.

"Professionalism" implies a combination of training, knowledge, and experience, and we're overjoyed that so many clients have given us the opportunity to demonstrate our professional capabilities in handling the intricacies of modern travel. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you make substantial investments of your precious travel time, and travel dollars. Our total professional function is in the guiding, and the guarding, of those time-and-money investments.

In the travel business, which depends so importantly on an everlasting attention to detail, the stability of the staff plays a major role in the quality and efficiency of the services performed. To maintain the highest standards of competence and personal service for our clients, members of our staff participate in a variety of continuing-education programs within the travel industry. They also travel extensively themselves in an ongoing process of expanding the overall experience level.

The dedication of our staff has resulted in our being recognized for leadership in quality travel and cruise planning, and has provided our customers with the exceptional levels of service which build continuing relationships for us.