"We had such an amazing time. The Disney Cruise was perfect for the entire family...something for all ages all day long!...The shows were fantastic (they even showed the new Lion King before it opened in theaters) and the meals and service were above expectations. We so appreciate all of the effort you went to to make the trip seamless. We had a ball!"


"We all had a blast! We booked a sunset cruise on an old pirate ship and went out on Lake Michigan. That was amazing. Weather was a bit chilly but we still had fun. Went and saw some lighthouses.. did some wine tasting, day drinking, shopping, and visited with each other. Thanks again for all your help!"


"Our agent from Covington Travel Inc. was amazing!! She created a phenomenal European adventure for my family, on a budget and with short notice. This organization is a pleasure to work with! They also beat any pricing I found on the many online services I researched. We had the peace of mind that we would have everything we needed in both our accommodations and travel. I highly recommend Covington Travel Inc!"


"We had a wonderful time in London. The hotel suited us well - good location on Bayswater Road by Hyde Park. We used all the great public transportation easily from near our hotel and walked miles on end too. I found some delightful restaurants - NOPI , la Poule au Pot (very French),  Veeraswamy (oldest Indian in London I Hear) and the Swan (our nearby pub).  Burroughs Market was terrific for foodies and we went there twice!  Using the Heathrow Express from the airport to Paddington was so simple and quick."


"I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our trip to St. Maarten very much!  The flying was uneventful--always a plus--the Beachside Villas was the perfect place for us.  The beach and ocean were lovely, weather was perfect.  The people were so nice...the manager and staff at Beachside were great.  We both agree that we would go back to St. Maarten, and would stay at Beachside Villas again...it was HEAVEN to be warm, to walk on the beach and feel the ocean water, sleep, read and totally relax for those ten days!"